Electric Circuit Breaker

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  1. Electric Circuit Breaker

    A circuit breaker is a mechanical device that interrupts faults or abnormal current. It is a switching device that disturbs the flow of high magnitude (fault) current and, in addition, performs the function of a switch. The circuit breaker is mainly designed to close or open an electrical circuit, thus protecting the electrical system from damage.
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  2. Air Circuit Breakers

    Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) that save the system from overcurrent and short-circuit. The primary functionality of Air Circuit Breaker is the protection for electric circuits over 800 Amps to 10K Amps. It has redefined the solution to over voltage or surges that can cause harm to the system and is equivalent to various Surge Protection Devices. The range of products are benchmark standard in enhancing security and reliability in industrial operations.
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  3. Miniature Circuit Breaker

    Choose from a range of miniature circuit breakers, high rating mcbs, mini mcb isolators, isolator switching devices and indicator lights and arm yourself.They are used to control, master and control electrical power systems, fuses, switches, circuit breakers work on the same principle, these devices are equipped to de-energize the circuits allowing them to easily allow to work and prevent defects.A functionality in every circuitry, plays a vital role in protecting you and your home from any accidents due to over current, overload or short circuit.
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